UF Health Children’s Surgical Center

Description of Unit

The UF Health Children’s Surgical Center is a pediatric outpatient surgical facility located at the Ayers Plaza 720 SW 2nd Avenue. The facility includes seven preoperative bays, four operating room suites, seven PACU Phase One bays and seven PACU Phase Two bays. The operational hours of the facility are normally Tuesday – Friday, 0645 – 1800.

Description of Patient Population

The patient population is ages three months (full term) to twenty-five years excluding class IV or higher anesthesia risk patients. Exceptions may be made based upon surgeon and the Medical Director recommendation. The surgical specialists providing care at CSC generally include general surgery, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, plastic, dental, hem-oncology, endoscopy, ophthalmology, podiatry and gynecology. A patient’s average length of stay varies from one to four hours.

Nursing Care

The nursing staff is committed to patient advocacy. The scope of practice for each individual perioperative nurse may include, but is not limited to, roles such as pre-admission nurse, pre-op nurse, circulator, scrub, educator, team leader, service coordinator and PACU nurse. The perioperative nurse works in collaboration with other health professionals to assess, plan and meet patient care needs throughout the surgical experience. Patient and family education and emotional support related to the patient’s condition and treatment is an essential element in the nursing care provided. The RN has primary responsibility and accountability for nursing care of patients having surgical interventions.

Health Care Team

The Medical Director is the Associate Professor and Chief, Department of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Surgery. The nursing management for the unit includes a registered nurse in the position of Nurse Manager for CSC and FSC. A registered nurse in the position of Clinical Leader is responsible to provide management for all patient care activities within the scope of the Children’s Surgical Center. This encompasses all operational activities; from the time the patient is scheduled for surgery until the patient is discharged home or transferred to another level of care. The Clinical Leader has the responsibility of assisting the Associate Vice President of Surgical Services and Nurse Manager with program development, marketing activities, financial and productivity goals. In the absent of the Clinical Leader another RN will be designated as the team leader for the day. A surgery scheduler, business manager, purchasing associate, courier and pharmacy technician are shared with UF Health Florida Surgical Center. The perioperative nursing staff are licensed Registered Nurses by the Florida State Board of Nursing. Surgical Technologists are graduates of community college-based Surgical Technology programs or comparable programs and function under the designation of the R.N. New staff are oriented to the unit during a planned orientation ranging from two to six months, depending on previous experience. All staff who are responsible for direct patient care pass Basic Life Support (BLS) skills. Operating room staff are provided training experiences to attain and maintain competence in their role as defined by the job description for the specific role and by the Departmental Education Plan.

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