Description of Area

All nursing staff within the Department of Radiology is employed under the Interventional Radiology cost center.  Aside from Interventional Radiology, nursing staff is utilized in various modalities throughout Radiology to include Ultra Sound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, General Diagnostic, Cat Scan, and the Ortho center.  Interventional Radiology functions 24/7 with the inclusion of an on-call status to include major and minor holidays.  The unit consists of eight Angio suites and a patient holding area.  Six of the suites are located in the North Tower and two in the South Tower.  The suites within the North Tower serve Vascular and Neuro-Surgical Interventional services.  Vascular utilizes four of the Angio suites, which contain single-plane fluoroscopy equipment.  Neuro uses the remaining suites, which contain bi-plane fluoroscopy equipment.  The South Tower contains two single-plane vascular suites technically located within the OR.  The Holding area is capable of holding up to 16 patients and the space is used by several Radiological modalities as a pre, intra, and post-op area.  The Holding area is unable to accommodate post general anesthesia patients.

Description of Patient Populations

Patients within Radiology consist of Outpatients and Inpatients.  Outpatients are checked in via a standardized process and are referred as consults from various services to include Shands/UF clinics and outside facilities.  Inpatients may consist of patients from any floor and of any acuity level.  Ages of patients served include pediatrics and adults of all ages.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is focused on the assessment, diagnosis, planning, sedation, treatment, and evaluation of patients prior to, during, and after a Radiologic/Interventional procedure.  As mentioned, Interventional Radiology is the only modality within the Radiology Department that staffs nurses therefore our services are provided to various modalities such as Ultra Sound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, General Diagnostic, Cat Scan, and the Ortho center.  Interventional Radiology nurses, hired into the unit, are required to have at least one year of acute care experience and maintain certifications in BLS and ACLS due to the high acuity scenarios typically encountered.  The nurses within Radiology Holding also provide bed space along with sedation/patient care to the Liver Transplant service.  The Liver Transplant service performs eight liver biopsies on patients weekly.

Health Care Team

The Medical Director of Interventional Radiology is appointed by the Chairman of Radiology.  Vascular and Neuro Interventional Radiology services consist of Attending Physicians, Fellows, Residents, Interns, Physician Assistants, and medical students.  Available support services for Interventional Radiology patients include: Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Nutritional Services, and Patient and Family services.

The nursing management consists of a Nursing Manager.  Training experiences, scenarios, and continuing education opportunities are provided to maintain competency related to unit/role specific job description plans.  The nursing staff is required to maintain and demonstrate competencies annually.

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