Unit 74 Medicine

Unit Description

74 MS is a 36 bed Medical-Surgical which primarily caters to Medicine Hospitalist patients. We are located on the 7th floor of the North Tower. The unit has 24 total rooms that can accommodate 36 total patients. Out of the 36 total rooms, 12 are private rooms and the rest are semi-private rooms. We have 2 negative air flow rooms that can accommodate respiratory isolation needs. The unit has the capability to monitor patients on continuous pulse oximetry. We have an occupancy rate of 95%.

Description of Patient Populations

Patients admitted to unit 74 are medical patients requiring in-patient hospitalization and care. The unit primarily serves the patients of the MHS service (Medicine-Hospitalist) and serves as a back-up for the other medicine services (MIN, MGI, FAM to name a few). Patients admitted to the unit comprise unit-unit transfers, lobby admissions, ED transfers, & hospital-hospital transfers, with the strong statewide referral due to the credibility of the UF Health Shands Healthcare network. Common diagnoses include (but are not limited to): COPD, ACS, diabetes, pneumonia, sickle cell, UTI, bacteremia, acute MI, etc.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is focused on the assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, & evaluation of the medical patient from admission till the day of discharge. Emphasis is made on the holistic delivery of care and focuses on the importance of a head to toe assessment. Patient/family members are given emphasis as recipients of education and teachings as well as their collaboration in the delivery of their care. Nursing activities comprise of: pain control, ambulation and/or physical activity (ROM-active or passive), provision of nutrition thru assistance of feedings or through parenteral or enteric feedings thru an NGT or DHT, infection control, administration of medications, management of drains and tubes (Duvall, JP, VAC, GT, NGT, chest tubes) and basic skin care.

Health Care Team

The MHS service is centrally located in units 74 & 75 under the leadership of Robert Leverence MD. The emphasis is on a collaborative approach in the progression of care with the intent of decreasing length of stay. Inter-disciplinary collaboration is emphasized between the RNs, the MDs, and the Case Management group with the intent to safely plan and progress discharge planning at the time of admission leading to the day of discharge. Inter-disciplinary resources that are available on unit 74 include: Respiratory Therapists, PT/OT, dietitian, TPN nurse, WOCN nurses, rapid response team staff (STAT nurses), Patient-Family Services, IV nurse, Pastoral Services.

The management team comprises of the Nurse Manger, and the Clinical Leader, with support provided by the Unit Assistant under the supervision of Susan Spoelma (AVP Nursing Services). The Nursing staff is provided with opportunities for training and learning experiences to enable competency as defined by the role in the job description and departmental education plan. There is an emphasis towards advancement of degrees as well as national certifications. RNs and PCAs provide direct patient care while the Support Tech provides both clerical and mobility/ambulation support.

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