Medical Intensive Care Unit

Description of the Unit

The Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is a 24 bed inpatient adult medical intensive care unit located on the south wing of the eleventh floor in the Patient Services Building, North Tower. The unit consists of all private ICU capable rooms including two negative isolation rooms. Monitoring capabilities include a Philips Monitor at each bedside, which provide continuous cardiac rhythm monitoring, pulse oximetry, CO2 monitoring, noninvasive blood pressure, and invasive pressure monitoring capabilities. There is central monitor in the nurse station. The capability for Video viewing/monitoring is present on 8 patient rooms located distal to the central nurse station. Care is provided 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Description of Patient Populations

Patients are admitted to MICU from the Emergency Department, from the acute care units and as hospital-to hospital transfers. Common diagnoses of patients in the MICU include multi-system failure, liver failure (especially those awaiting transplant), GI bleed, sepsis, sepsis, respiratory failure (especially those with COPD exacerbation, asthma, and pneumonia), infectious diseases, diabetic ketoacidois, post cardiac and respiratory arrests, and cancer. Patients on this unit include adolescents, adults and older adults. Average length of stay in the MICU is 3.4 days.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is focused on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, evaluation, and monitoring of the critically ill adult patient. Special emphasis is placed on the use of critical thinking in the ongoing assessment of the ICU patient. Nurses utilize a multi-disciplinary plan of care to deliver consistent goal directed care. Patient and family education and discharge planning are also important components of nursing care delivered in the unit.

Health Care Team

The Medical Director of MICU is a physician who is board-certified in pulmonary medicine. The faculty and residents provide 24 hour medical care of the ICU patients 7 days per week. Scheduling of rotations is maintained through the Department of Medicine. Multidisciplinary, comprehensive care of patients and families is provided by medicine, nursing, social work services, case management, pastoral care, food & nutritional services, pharmacy, rehab services, cardiopulmonary services, and other health care providers as indicated by the patient’s health status and identified needs.

Nursing management for the unit includes registered nurses in the positions of Nurse Manager and Clinical Leader. The Department of Nursing staff is provided training experiences to attain and maintain competence as defined by the unit and role specific job descriptions and departmental education plan. Support techs provide clerical support for the direct patient caregivers and function as a unit-based mobility team encouraging and assisting with early mobility. The Registered Nurse is responsible for guiding care of the patient based upon the individualized plan. Nursing care delivered by Patient Care Assistants is coordinated under the direction of the Registered Nurse.

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